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The Valley’s News Talk Sports Leader!
Features Metro Morning News, SportsLine with Tony Caridi and TalkLine Hoppy Kerchival.
WVNT provides daily statewide and local news coverage plus national news from SRN News and is Home of Parkersburg Catholic Football and Basketball plus NASCAR Racing. 
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Thousands of West Virginians enjoy their dinner or drive home with Tony Caridi and crew on the MetroNews Statewide Sportsline. The program’s goal is quite simple: To inform and entertain sports fans wanting their daily fix of Mountain State sports news. Mountaineer fans are guaranteed their doctor recommended daily dosage of news from the land of Gold and Blue. The Sportsline is one of the charter programs of MetroNews and continues to be one of the most popular among affiliate stations and listeners. On Sunday evenings the Sportsline expands to two hours with hosts Travis Jones and Greg Hunter. Listen each weekday evening on WVNT 1230


Talkline is a two hour call-in portrait of West Virginia, conducted by the state’s best known broadcaster. The Mountain State’s politics and history, prejudices and preferences are voiced by a native son and the people who phone in. Hoppy Kercheval often begins his discussion with an opening monologue or distinguished guest before opening up the phone lines. Since he is arguably as familiar to state lawmakers and members of the judiciary as they are to him, discussions can be both informative and highly entertaining.

Through Talkline, Kercheval provides his listeners with unparalleled access to newsworthy figures and events, as well as the reactions and insight of neighbors across the state. The result is fine journalism and often great fun.

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